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Tax Time

Year-after-year, TurboTax tests to be the easiest online tax software to use. Even first-year filers have no difficulties using this service. Additionally, you can file using your mobile device.

TurboTax is the industry-leading online tax software. With a clean and logical design, comprehensive deduction discovery tools, and thorough learning resources, TurboTax is a great selection for both simple and complex tax scenarios.

Unlike some competitor products, TurboTax gives you the impression that the product is specifically designed for completing your taxes online in the most efficient manner. Interfaces are clean and intuitive, and processes have a very logical flow. This strong design enables those who are unfamiliar with online taxes to be comfortable and confident throughout the preparation and filing processes. This characteristic makes TurboTax a great choice for someone who is new to filing taxes online.

TurboTax Deluxe 2014 Fed + State + Fed Efile Tax Software + Refund Bonus Offer

TurboTax Premier 2014 Fed + State + Fed Efile Tax Software + Refund Bonus Offer

TurboTax provides a military edition of the software that is catered specifically to the needs of those in the armed services. Pricing discounts are available, and items like basic pay, combat pay, uniform deductions, and other military-specific needs are all addressed.

TurboTax is offering free state e-filing this year with the TurboTax Federal Free edition. This version is for those who can file a 1040EZ or 1040A federal tax return. This version also includes the ability to import your W-2 or 1099 forms.

H&R Block is one of the elite online tax software products on the market. With logical workflows and a clean design, H&R Block simplifies the tax filing process and allows you to complete your taxes with confidence.

With its easy-to-use interface, H&R Block’s At Home software is ideal for preparing simple tax returns. H&R Block, the makers of At Home, have done a good job of making data entry screens easy to read, and extra help is available through “Guide Me” interview-style questions. H&R Block offers “Worry-Free Audit Support” included in the price of the software, which means an H&R Block employee will personally help you defend your return in an IRS audit. Audit support is typically offered at an additional cost in other tax preparation software programs. At Home can import some data, such as W-2 forms and investment income.

Block Financial H&R Block Tax Software 14 Deluxe + State

H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2014 Win [Download]