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Nature Hills Nursery

Nature Hills Nursery is a gardening nursery that offers an extensive selection of live plants, seeds, bulbs & gardening accessory products. Their most popular products include trees, shrubs, fruit trees, perennials, & bulbs.

At Nature Hills Nursery, plants are their passion, and they want your garden to thrive. They want you to be satisfied with our plants, and they want your gardening experience to be easy. If your plant dies within the first year of being in the ground, Nature Hills Nursery will replace it at half the current price plus shipping. What’s easier than that?

Here is what is guaranteed when you shop with the Nature Hills Nursery family:

1) They hand select thier plants and package them with care. They take pride in the plants we care for, and want them to arrive on your doorstep in the best condition possible.

2) Sometimes things happen during shipping and material is damaged. If this should happen, just let them know within a day or two of receiving it so they can get it replaced for you (at their expense) as quickly as they can.

3) Nature Hills Nursery wants to offer customers the peace of mind that every plant ordered from Nature Hills Nursery is covered for one full year. If something unforeseen happens with your plants in the first year, they will get you another one for half price. They won’t ask for pictures or proof, all they need is your word. No hassles, no questions.

4) Since the replacement policy is no questions asked, it doesn’t matter if the plant was eaten by a cow, Junior ran over it with the lawn mower, the family dog dug it up, rabbits nibbled it away, Dad got too close with the string trimmer, a
hurricane came through, or it just fell victim to a “purple thumb”. You’re covered!

Plants have varying growing habits, so you want to find those best suited for your local climate. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has divided the country into 11 growing zones. These growing zones are based upon the minimum winter temperatures in each area. The USDA Hardiness Zones provide an excellent method of determining which plants are cold hardy in your local climate.

The USDA zones are shown by primarily horizontal bands that stretch from west to east across the U.S. The lowest-numbered (coldest) zones are in the north, and the zone numbers get progressively higher toward the southern (warmer) parts of the country. Each climatic zone hosts a unique variety of plants that can impact shade
trees make.

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