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Breezecatcher Clothes Dryers

Breezecatcher Clothes Dryers

The Breezecatcher deluxe top spinner rotary clothes dryer is a… “superior product”…..”a work of art”…. “an excellent design” …..”a thing of beauty”….”superb workmanship”….”better than off the shelf products”… we didn’t say all those nice things, our customers did, a big thanks to all who took the time to send reviews.

What makes this rotary clothesline so special, well each one is hand made, not mass produced or machine assembled, we only use very durable materials, non ferrous to eliminate rust, bright anodised aluminum which is easy to keep clean, but most important of all are the strong aluminum brackets and slides. We sell direct, so we can spend more on the materials used to manufacture the product.

The Breezecatcher umbrella clothes dryer is strong, you can hang heavy items on it and the lines will not sag, some off the shelf dryers use plastic or even pressed steel brackets which provide no lateral strength, the Breezecatcher overcomes this by using solid extruded aluminum center brackets and strong bracing arms which makes the Breezecatcher rigid, but still easy to open and close, the central support mast is stronger than all other models available from local stores.

The Breezecatcher clothes dryer is an ecologically friendly product, an outdoor clothes line is free to use and can help you control and reduce your home energy bill, why not take advantage of the free solar and wind energy available in your back yard, help reduce the dependence on oil and gas, lead the way and feel better by doing your bit to reduce carbon emissions and help prevent climate change and improve the environment for the next generations to follow.

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